▪️How to secure your environment

This guide was made to provide complete information to ensure the safety of users and their wallets.

  • First, let's talk about security regarding Discord.

On Discord the DECENOMY team members will never initiate a private conversation.

If someone contacts you privately offering assistance, it's best to ignore the conversation and report the user in the channel #report-scammers-here.

  • If someone sends you links with offers and promotions in a private message, please refrain from clicking them, as they may lead to deceptive offers or potential scams.

Always report users who invite misleading advertisements in the channel #report-scammers-here.

  • Never open any files received via private messages. In most cases, individuals who send files through private messages may be attempting to send malware or other software that could potentially grant unauthorized access to your funds.

  • We strongly encourage you to use only official links, which you can always find on our Discord platform.

For your safety, we always suggest you check the ID of the DECENOMY team members.

In Discord you can see the team ID in the dedicated channel #team-channel.

To check the ID of the user you are talking to, you can right-click on their username and then click on "copy ID".

By doing this you can verify that it is the same as the ID in the team channel. (You might need to enable developer mode in Discord settings).

  • The DECENOMY team recommends that you do not share sensitive data such as private keys, passwords, and IP addresses in public.

Sharing a private key means giving access to one's own coins.

  • Never trade on platforms such as Discord, instead, always use trusted Exchanges.

  • Trading coins privately carries significant risks, as the other party may not fulfill their payment, potentially resulting in a scam.

  • Whenever possible start your software as a standard user and not as an administrator or root. This helps prevent most possible attack vectors.

Make sure you have a good antivirus and anti-malware installed on your PC.

  • Do not allow any PC control or screen sharing via anyDesk, TeamViewer, or remote desktop. Not adhering to this may allow a potential hacker to steal your funds.

If you need help, always ask for it in the support channels.

  • When you make a big transaction, or when you send a transaction to an address saved in your address book, try to send a controlled amount first. e.g. 10 SAPP followed by 9990 SAPP, instead of sending 10k SAPP at a goal.

  • Do not keep passwords in a text file on your desktop.

Write them on paper or store them on your USB stick.

  • Secure the wallet with a password, and remember that the wallet.dat is the key to your money.

You need to have a few copies of that, each in different places.

  • Never share the result of commands such as




This guarantees that bad actors will have access to your funds and defraud you.

  • Always make sure you protect your accounts with two-factor authentication.

  • Always use a different password for each website you register.

By following these simple rules you can be sure that your funds are safe.

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