Trade (Buy and Sell)

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to buy Decenomy coins on Birake.

This is the third tutorial from the series How to Buy Decenomy Coins on Birake. We assume you have successfully created and verified your Birake account by now. And most importantly funded your account.

  • From the top menu go to

  1. Exchange

  2. Then Show Markets

  • Once this is done, a search bar will open where we can filter by entering a coin name. In this case, we input SAPP (Sapphire).

  • Now click on the SAPP market to enter the market page with the buy and sell orders.

  • Now we can proceed with the purchase. We have 0.00076163 BTC available and can buy SAPP for this value in the SELL ORDERS table.

  • Now we need to click on the rows of the SELL table until the total of our order is equal to or greater than our Bitcoin balance. In our case, the second row of orders in the table gives us a total higher than our Bitcoins available.

  • So you have to click on the available balance to buy the equivalence of SAPP with our BTC balance.

  1. Click on the Balance

  2. Click on BUY

  • Now a window will open confirming the operation. Then click CONFIRM to place your order.

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