▪️Script Screen Overview

Breakdown of the important areas in the screen

To provide a more detailed understanding of this tool, it would be helpful to explain how the information is organized on the screen. This will make it easier for users to understand the documentation and how to use the script.

Section 1

This refers to the version number of the script that is installed and currently in use.

Section 2

This area displays a section tree to help the user understand where they are in the script menu. It will also serve as a useful reference in case of support needs, allowing easy navigation to the same screen.

Section 3

This is the current menu title or a brief description of the screen that is currently displayed. It will always display the selected coin after this action is performed.

Section 4

All the information necessary for the operation of the screen, as well as the options available.

Section 5

Each screen will have its own set of options to enter.

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