Blockchain Development

Blockchain development process at DECENOMY

The DSW (DECENOMY Standard Wallet), hosted on GitHub and recognized as the central hub for code updates, plays a pivotal role in the DECENOMY ecosystem. It is crucial for implementing enhancements, including new features, functionality upgrades, and critical bug fixes. Following the new implementations, a testnet deployment is a fundamental stage of the blockchain development process. This crucial step ensures that any new modifications are rigorously evaluated in an environment that closely emulates live blockchain conditions. DECENOMY's designated testnet, tKYAN, serves as the testing ground where developers critically examine the effects of updates, discover bugs, and suggest improvements. Designed to mimic the behavior of live blockchains accurately, it operates on the DSW codebase, ensuring consistency between testing phases and live environments. After a successful testing phase, the code is first rolled out to one DECENOMY blockchain, typically starting with KYAN. This initiation triggers a wider rollout to additional chains within the ecosystem, promoting a consistent codebase among DECENOMY blockchains. Despite the standardized codebase, some DECENOMY blockchains feature unique attributes distinguishing them from others. Although these specific cases may require adjustments or exceptions from direct testnet rollouts to maintain their unique features, the fundamental DSW code remains crucial. To learn more about each stage please follow the links:

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