Restoring a backup from an external device

If your wallet has been lost, stolen, or damaged, restoring a backup is the only way to recover your funds. In this guide, we provide a general overview of the steps required to perform such a process
First of all we insert our USB stick into the PC. After that we open the USB stick folder and we navigate to the backup file.
Let’s now copy the file
After that we have to navigate to the wallet data directory located in %appdata% as shown in the picture (Windows 11).
We can now open the coin’s folder we are looking for (in our case Sapphire)
NB The file name must always be wallet.dat so we need to rename the old one first.
We can now paste the file we copied previously from the USB stick
As final step we rename the file to wallet.dat
The wallet is restored and we can start our Sapphire wallet.
NB As already mentioned make sure the wallet file name is wallet.dat otherwise your wallet will not recognize it. Do not move or rename other files or data directory.