Masternode multinode management

Script option detailed

One place to manage everything related to multinode.

[1] - List of masternodes in multinode List

This section lists all the multinodes already installed in the system, taking into account the previously selected coin.

The multinode result is always sorted by the alias and then by the masternodeKey.

[2] - Add masternode to multinode List

This option allows you to add new multinode configurations and view those that have already been created or are currently being created.

Section 1

It displays the same information as the previous option for listing multinodes.

Section 2

This is a guide to help you easily understand how to fill out the multinode file.

Section 3

The multinode information must be entered in steps. First, the alias is requested, and then only the masternodeKey is requested. In this last step, the key can be entered manually or generated automatically by pressing the Enter key.

This screen also shows the previously introduced alias as a reference.

[3] - Delete masternodes from multinode list

This is an easy way to delete previously introduced multinode information.

Each line is numbered, making it easier to select the exact information to be deleted. After the selection is made, a confirmation screen is displayed and upon confirmation, the screen is updated with the final information.

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