▪️Setting Up a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This post will guide you through the process of setting up a VPS on Contabo.

To get our VPS we need to purchase it from a hosting provider.

In this guide, we are going to use Contabo.

Step 1 - Account Registration

  • So let's open Contabo

  • We will need to create an account and use either our credit card or PayPal as a method of payment. Once we are done, we will have access to the control panel.

Step 2 - Ordering Process

  • Now let's choose the "VPS" option under the 'New Order' section.

  • On the next page, we select the 'CLOUD VPS S' option

Step 3 - VPS configuration

  • Next, we need to configure our VPS by choosing the server location, preferably one nearest to our location. In this case, we choose 'European Union (Germany)'.

  • We also need to choose the 'Storage Type' i.e. 200 GB SSD

  • Whiles on the configuration page, we specify our Image: 1. Ubuntu 2. Select Ubuntu 22.04 from the drop-down menu

  • Next, we have to set a password for our server. There is also an option to generate a new password.

Step 4 - Payment

  • Once we are done with the server configuration, we proceed to complete the payment.

Step 5 - Connecting to the VPS

  • We will receive a confirmation email when our order is successful. In the email, we will find details of our VPS (e.g. IP address and user name)

  • Now, we will log into our server via Putty using our IP address, username, and password. Learn how to use PuTTy

The connection to the VPS is now successful.

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