▪️Staking process on desktop wallet

This process involves using a wallet client to hold a certain amount of cryptocurrency coins in a wallet and earn rewards by participating in the network's consensus process.

In this guide, we will explain how to stake our DECENOMY coins.

First of all, let's open our wallet (in our case SAPP). In order for staking to be active, our coins must have at least 600 confirmations (about 10 hours).

A second requirement is that the wallet is unlocked. To do this we can click on the padlock icon at the top right.

Make sure to choose the “Staking only” option!

If you happen to have encrypted your wallet, you will be asked to enter your password and confirm the operation by clicking "OK" as seen below:

Once this is done, the staking icon will activate. To be able to stake, the wallet must always remain open.

If staking is not activated, you can use the getstakingstatus command in the debug console to gain more insight into the root causes of the issue.

We have provided more information on this command, which can be accessed on the Staking Best Practices page.

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