▪️Settings Overview

This guide will help you learn how to access and use some of the functionalities on the settings page of the Flits Wallet App

  • To access the app settings, you will have to navigate to 'User' from the home page

  • Choose 'Settings' under the 'Actions' section

  • On the 'Settings' page, you will be able to perform specific operations as seen in the image below:


  • This provides an additional security layer to your wallet

  • To enable the passcode and biometry security features, you will need to first, toggle the passcode on.

  • Next, you will be required to set your six-digit passcode

  • Set biometric verification by scanning your fingerprint

  • Once you are done with the process, you should find both options toggled on as seen in the image below:

My seed

  • This option, allows you to access your 24-word seed phrase. Kindly note that. you will have to set your authentication before you can access it.

Switch to light mode

  • The 'Switch to light mode' option allows you to change the wallet's theme to light mode and vice versa.

Fiat currency

  • Select your native FIAT currency to view prices and your balance in the preferred currency

Reset wallet database

  • Use this option to reset the wallet database in case transactions are taking longer to load

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