▪️Flits Wallet In-app Support

This guide aims to help users explore the support side of the Flits Wallet App. Learn how to open a new ticket, respond to tickets, view closed tickets and many more.

Step 1

  • To access the support feature of the Flits Wallet App, you will first select the 'Quick option' icon as indicated in the images below:

Step 2

  • Choose 'Support' from the list

Step 3

  • On the 'Helpdesk' page, we have the 'My tickets' and 'Help topics' subcategory

My tickets

  • Show my open tickets: Clicking on this option will allow you to view your open tickets

  • Show my closed tickets: View all your closed support tickets

  • Open a new ticket: Use this option to send a new ticket to Flits support team

Help topics

Under this section, we have handy information you may need at some point in your Flits journey. Find information on new updates, coin listing, masternode FAQs, useful resources such as the extraction tool, and several others.

Opening a New Ticket

Step 1

  • While on the 'Helpdesk' page, navigate to 'My tickets' and select 'Open a new ticket'

Step 2

  • Choose a category that best describes the problem or issue you need help with

  • In this guide, let us assume we have an issue with our node so we choose 'Masternodes'

Step 3

  • Before proceeding to open a ticket, you have to quickly check the resources Flits has collated to see if your query has already been answered.

  • For example, we can decide to go to 'FAQs' to read the frequently asked questions related to masternodes

Step 4

  • Let's choose, 'How long does it take to receive masternode rewards?'

Step 5

  • Choosing an option from the previous step will give a detailed answer to the question

  • If your question isn't covered in the FAQs, you can now click on the 'Still need help?' button to open a ticket

Step 6

  • Fill out the form with a detailed description of the problem and click 'open ticket' to send a message to support

Step 7

  • This will open a new chat session with a support agent. Feel free to provide additional information, even if an agent hasn't addressed your ticket yet.

Viewing and Replying to Open Tickets

Once you open a support ticket, an agent will respond to your query. To view the reply to your open ticket:

Step 1

  • You have to navigate to 'Helpdesk' from 'Support' as shown earlier

  • We then select 'Show my open tickets'

Step 2

  • Select the most recent ticket with the help of the time stamp

Step 3

  • You may reply to the message or click the padlock icon above to close the ticket only if your issue is resolved

Accessing Closed Tickets

You may refer to your old tickets for various reasons in the future. If the need arises:

Step 1

  • Go to 'User' from the home page, and select 'Support' under Actions to land on the 'Helpdesk' page

  • Select 'Show my closed tickets'

Step 2

  • You will find a record of all your previously closed tickets

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