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How to understand the Block and Hash information from DECENOMY Explorer

The search box can be found in all tabs, allowing for precise queries on the explorer.

After utilizing the aforementioned search box to obtain more information regarding specific block information, or when clicking on the block or hash value presented on block details ( please check Latest blocks guide ) the user will be redirected to a screen resembling the following:

Detailed block info

Section 1 from block info

This board is dedicated to displaying block details, such as the hash and block height, as well as the number of confirmations the block has at the time of the query. Additionally, it includes information on the number of transactions that occurred in that block and the creation date of the block.

Section 2 from block info

This section provides detailed information about the three transactions listed in Section 1. By selecting one of the transaction IDs, users can view its content in more detail. For more detailed information, about how to understand the transactions ID tab, please follow the guide on Search by Tx ID to learn more )

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