▪️Wallet Operations ( Send, Receive, Transaction history)

Learn how to perform operations such as sending, receiving, and checking incoming and outgoing transactions in the Flits Wallet App.

Receiving coins

Receive coins from an external wallet using your dedicated wallet address

Step 1

  • From the specific coin's wallet overview (i.e. FLS wallet), select 'Receive'

Step 2

  • Copy or share your wallet deposit address

Sending coins

Send coins to yourself or external wallets

Step 1

  • While on the Wallet overview page, choose 'Send'.

Step 2

  • Enter the recipient's wallet address and amount as seen in the image below:

  • Click on 'Send coins' when done

Step 3

  • Confirm the transaction to initiate the transfer

Step 4

  • Get a confirmation indicating the transaction was successful

Transactions history

  • Switch to the 'Transactions' tab to view all transactions related to a specific coin.

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