DECENOMY Multinode Script

One-stop solution for DECENOMY masternode management

This script was created to manage all coins related to DECENOMY, making it easy to handle masternode multinode installations and maintenance. With this tool, it's possible to:

  • Easily manage the masternodes multinode of different coins in each system

  • Track the status of your wallet

  • Check masternode status with Explorer

  • Perform maintenance tasks such as wallet updates, bootstraps, and connection management

The script will always have the latest wallet coin versions available as soon as they are released on each Github repo, which is handy and avoids the need to re-release the script each time.

Install and launch

The script was designed to be installed on pre-purchased Virtual Private Servers (VPS) running a Linux distribution. To install and run the script for the first time, copy and paste the full command below into a terminal prompt with root privileges:

wget -q && bash

After the first run, the script will convert the file " " into an executable file named decenomy. Therefore, the user can simply type the following command at the terminal prompt to run the script the next time: ./decenomy This aligns with our commitment to providing a simple and user-friendly experience with this tool. A tutorial on how to easily install and deploy a Masternode using this DECENOMY Multinode Script can also be found on this website, please follow the link - Masternode Multinode easy deploy The code of this script is available on our GitHub in a specific repository

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