How to use the overview tab from DECENOMY Explorer

The Overview tab serves as the landing page for each coin when accessed via a breakdown link. This page contains the essential information required for daily use.

The detailed descriptions of each section, marked and numbered in the image above, will provide a comprehensive understanding of every component.

Section 1

The information provided in this section is easily understandable. It is important to note that there is an option to download the bootstrap for each coin. Simply click on the 'Download' button, and a *.zip file will be transferred to your device. For additional assistance regarding bootstrap, please refer to the bootstrap documentation following this link

Section 2

The information presented in this section belongs to the masternode statistics of this coin. All coin-related data is automatically gathered from the blockchain. Price values are sourced from external cryptocurrency price trackers.

Section 3

This section provides a brief reference to the last 10 blocks of the blockchain. Users can adjust the number of blocks displayed by selecting different queries from the 'Per page' box selection located in the top right corner.

Section 4

This section provides detailed information about the coin specifications of the blockchain. Users can also access this information directly from the GitHub repository of the coin or the Coins section of this documentation by following this link

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