▪️Adding and Removing a Wallet

Learn how to add and remove wallets for any coins in the Flits Wallet App

Adding a Wallet

Step 1

  • You will have no coin added to your wallets when you first download and install the app.

  • To add a wallet, you will need to click on the 'Wallets' icon as indicated below:

Step 2

  • Next, you will be sent to the 'Wallets' page. Click on the 'Add Wallet' to add a coin of your choice.

Step 3

  • Select your preferred coin to add to your wallet. In this case, we select Flits (FLS).

Step 4

  • On the next page, you will notice the coin we chose from the previous step is added to our wallet. You may add several coins by clicking any of the two buttons and repeat the process.

Removing a Wallet

Step 1

  • After you have added a couple of wallets and you wish to remove any of them, Select the specific coin from the wallet window.

  • Click on the 'trash can' icon

Step 2

  • Confirm the operation to remove the coin.

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