▪️Using the Flits Extraction Tool

This step-by-step guide provides details instructions on how to use the extraction tool to extract private keys and import them into a desktop wallet.

Downloading the Flits Extraction Tool

Step 1

Step 2

  • Download the HTML file onto your PC by clicking on 'flits-extract.html'

Running Flits Extraction Tool

Step 1

  • Next, locate the HTML file we downloaded in the previous step and open it with a web browser

  • Read through the safety instructions and click on 'I understand and made sure I'm safe'

Step 2

  • Watch a quick visual of the extraction and importing process

  • Click on 'Take me to the tool' to begin

Step 3

  • Enter your Flits Wallet Seed phrase

  • Select the coin you want to extract the private key. In this guide, we choose SAPP

  • Copy the private key of the address you want to extract

Importing your private key into the desktop wallet

Step 1

  • Open the SAPP desktop wallet

  • Go to Settings, Debug, and then Console

Step 2

  • Enter importprivkey yourprivatekey into the console, as seen in the image below

  • Press 'enter' on your keyboard to import your wallet

Kindly note that this guide is valid for all Decenomy coins. However, with non-Decenomy coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and DogeCoin, you must recover your funds using dedicated wallets.

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