▪️Getting Started with Flits Wallet App

This tutorial will help you set up your Flits Wallet app as a first-time user.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Next, is the 'Welcome" page. Select the blue 'Start' button to begin

Step 3

  • Flits Wallet is a non-custodial solution that gives you full control of your funds by handing you a seed phrase of 24 words.

  • The seed phrase gives you access to your funds and needs to be stored offline.

  • Select, 'Next' to proceed to the verification page

Step 4

  • Verify your seed phrase by entering the words and then press the 'Verify' button:

Step 5

  • If you correctly enter the 3 words from your seed phrase, you receive a successful message as shown below.

  • Proceed by pressing the 'Start user setup' button to begin some basic settings.

Step 6

  • Enable Push notifications to receive updates on your activities.

  • Alternatively, skip to continue to the next step

Step 7

  • Choose and save your preferred FIAT currency

Step 8

  • Switch to dark mode if you wish to

Step 9

  • Congrats! You just finished with the setup process. Select the 'Get started' button and explore the Flits Wallet

Step 10

  • Select 'Show me around' to learn about some of the cool features of the app or 'No thanks' to access the wallet.

Step 11

  • Any of the options in the previous step will send you to the wallet overview

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