The following documentation aims to assist DECENOMY users to understand the testnet process, and the value of it.


A testnet, short for "test network," is an experimental network that allows for blockchain development and testing without the risk and expense of transacting on the main network, known as the mainnet. Testnets simulate the conditions of the blockchain environment, providing developers a safe space to experiment with new projects, smart contracts, and any blockchain-based applications. This way, they can detect any errors, vulnerabilities, or inefficiencies before deployment on the live blockchain.

Testnets are crucial for several reasons:

  1. Testing and Development: Developers can test new features or assets thoroughly without using real cryptocurrency or assets, which can be expensive and risky.

  2. Education and Experimentation: They offer a hands-on learning environment for newcomers wanting to understand blockchain technology without financial risk.

  3. Debugging: Finding and fixing bugs in a controlled environment helps improve the security and stability of applications before they go live.

  4. Network Testing: Testnets can simulate various conditions to see how the network behaves under stress or in unusual situations, ensuring resilience and scalability.

Most blockchain projects offer their own testnets, and while they operate similarly to the mainnet, the coins used on a testnet have no real-world value. This setup encourages wide-ranging experimentation and testing without the fear of losing valuable assets.


As previously noted, due to the central codebase of the DSW and its implementation across all DECENOMY blockchains, there's only a need for a single testnet within the ecosystem.

This testnet operates on the KYAN branch, initiates a specific blockchain for testing when started with the testnet argument. It is recognized by the ticker tKYAN.

Compiled binaries allow tKYAN to function as a Desktop Wallet across various systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ARM systems. Additionally, tKYAN is also integrated into the Flits App, enabling seamless transfers between desktop and the Flits mobile app and facilitating the setup of masternodes on Flits for added convenience. It is worth noting that within Flits, the ticker is displayed in all caps as TKYAN, though it refers to the same testnet blockchain.

To monitor tKYAN activity, please refer to the official DECENOMY explorer For more detailed information on transactions occurring on the blockchain, our secondary, more technically detailed explorer at is available. It's important to remember that tKYAN is a blockchain without any real-world value or market association. It exists purely and solely for testing purposes.

tKYAN Binaries

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