▪️Masternode Hosting With Flits Wallet App

The Flits Wallet App offers users the ability to deploy Decenomy masternodes at a very low cost. Below, we will look at the steps required to deploy masternodes within the wallet.

Choose a Project

Before proceeding with masternode deployment in the Flits Wallet App, it is crucial to carefully select your desired project and familiarize yourself with its specific masternode requirements.

This includes understanding the collateral amount needed, reward structure, coin specifications, and network rules. Find the list of coins supported in the Flits Wallet App here: Coins

Secure Your Wallet

To ensure the safety of your wallet, it's necessary to enable an extra layer of security by setting up a passcode and/or biometric login. This will help to keep your wallet secure and your investments safe.

Fund Your Wallet

You'll need to have the required amount of coins in your wallet to meet the collateral requirement for the masternode.

Refer to How to receive funds in the Flits Wallet App and How to buy Decenomy coins on Birake Exchange

Deploy Your Masternode

The process usually involves topping up fee credits and then deploying your node(s). Follow the guide on how to deploy a node: How to deploy masternodes in the Flits Wallet App.

After successfully deploying your masternodes, it is important to regularly monitor their performance. Keep an eye on factors such as uptime, rewards, and any potential issues that may arise. If you encounter any problems or have concerns about your masternodes, don't hesitate to reach out to the Flits Support Team.

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